Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please call our experienced consultants at (888) 399-9240

If your question is not answered below, please call us call us at (888) 399-9240 or contact us online to ask one of our friendly project consultants.

Q:  What brand of vinyl sheet piling do you supply?

A:  It depends upon the market costs.  We strive to supply you with the lowest cost vinyl bulkhead that meets or exceeds your design requirements

Q:  Where are you located?

A: Our main office and most project consultants are in Houston, TX.  Your materials may be shipped from a satellite location or directly from a manufacturer to save you money.

Q:  What wood treatments are available?

A:  Most of the lumber and timbers we supply are treated with industry-standard treatments CCA or ACQ, depending on the type of project and your specifications?

Q:  What type of wood components do you supply?

A:  We supply quality treated pine (industry standard) lumber and timbers for your bulkheads wood components.  They will be treated to your specifications and/or depending upon whether your project is in fresh, salt, or bracksih water.

Q:  How will my bulkhead materials be delivered?

A:  Please discuss delivery details special delivery requirements with your project consultant.  Please let us know ahead of time if there are low limbs or power lines, low capacity roads or driveways, or other obstacles to delivery.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  Cash, Checks (pre-paid), and Most Major Credit Cards

Q:  Can I install my bulkhead myself?

A:  Installing a bulkhead as a DIY project is very labor intesive and requires big machinery such as a back hoe or track hoe or special jetting equipment to install the sheets. We do not recommend installing your bulkhead yourself unless you have a great deal of experience with construction projects.

Q:  Do you have discounts for contractors?

A:  The vinyl sheet pilings are priced as low as possible for everyone.

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