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With the introduction of Highland Floating Docks, gone are the days of using plastic drums under a dock. Due to Highland Floating Docks use of high-density polyethylene piping (HDPE), it is the highest quality floating dock system to use for building your floating dock.

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Exceptional Durability and a Limited Lifetime Warranty

The extraordinary materials and production standards with which Highland Floats are made give them – and the floating docks they support – unmatched durability and longevity. Because of their exceptional quality, Highland Floatation Dock Systems come with a transferrable limited lifetime warranty.

The Highland Floats are made with half-inch thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and all attachments are full-surface fusion welded which means they are highly protected against impacts and are essentially impervious to corrosion and damage from marine-boring organisms. Additionally, HDPE is UV-resistant and suffers no damage from freeze-thaw cycles so Highland Floats are practically unaffected by weather.


Installation & Capacity

Using a Highland Floats kit for building your floating dock is simple and straightforward. The design and materials are the same as for a fixed dock except that the structure is built directly onto the HDPE pontoons which have welded attachments for standard construction dimensions. A materials list with build diagram is available here:

In the kit, two Highland Float pontoons will handle standard foot traffic on a six-foot-wide deck with minimal displacement. For example, a pair of 20-foot long, 18-inch pontoons gives decks the capacity to handle up to 3,880 pounds with just 50% of the pipe submerged in water.



Availability & Size Options

Highland Float pontoons and kits are available exclusively from American Pole & Timber in Texas, Louisiana, and the Caribbean.

Highland Floats are available in 16-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters in lengths up to 20 feet. Custom sizes and designs are available as well. Kits can be created for virtually any size dock, pier, or boathouse and include all wood, hardware, and accessories needed to complete your project.

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