Vinyl Bulkhead Designs

Long-lasting & Cost-Effective Construction

The designs on this page are commonly used designs for building vinyl bulkheads.  They do not specify dimensions or sizes and are not to scale. 

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Vinyl Bulkhead Materials

Most vinyl bulkheads are made using the same or similar proven designs shown in the images here (click images to enlarge); all using the same general list of materials including:

  • Vinyl Sheet Piling
  • Deadmen
  • Tie Rods with Nuts & Washers
  • Front Wale
  • Back Board (a.k.a. Back Wale)
  • Hardware (Screws, Lag Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers)
  • Top Cap (optional)

We supply all the materials you need to build your entire vinyl bulkhead.  Learn more about vinyl bulkhead materials. 

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Vinyl Sheet Piling - 60 Year Warranty

The lowest cost vinyl sheet piling is available here. 

Vinyl sheet pilings are the main component of vinyl bulkheads.  Made of medium and high-grade PVC, vinyl sheet pilings are produced to meet certain design specifications.  They are usually driven or pushed into the ground using a vibratory hammer, back hoe, or jetting system.

Because of advances in technology, the spread of production knowledge, and many competitors, vinyl sheet piling has become a commodity item.  That is, they are essentially all the same.

ALL vinyl sheet pilings we sell meet the minimum strength specifications for the wall sizes listed in our vinyl bulkhead price charts.

We sell the cheapest vinyl bulkheads because we maintain relationships with multiple vinyl sheet piling manufacturers and purchase opportunistically - keeping costs low so we can pass the savings to you.

Consult an Engineer or Professional

Please consult an engineer or other construction professional familiar with bulkhead construction in your area. or Building Products Plus, LLP is not, and will not be held, responsible for damages or injuries due to the design, placement, use, or handling of your bulkhead or bulkhead materials.


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