Vinyl Bulkhead Materials

60 Year Warranty Guarantee

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Most vinyl bulkheads are made using the same or similar proven design, as shown in the common vinyl bulkhead designs and use the same general list of materials including: 

  • Vinyl Sheet Piling
  • Deadmen
  • Tie Rods with Nuts & Washers
  • Front Wale
  • Back Board (a.k.a. Back Wale)
  • Hardware (Screws, Lag Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers)
  • Top Cap (optional)

Your vinyl bulkhead will include all the components needed to build your wall unless you order only individual components. 

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Vinyl Sheet Piling - 60 Year Warranty

The lowest cost vinyl sheet piling is available here. 

Vinyl sheet pilings are the main component of vinyl bulkheads.  Made of medium and high-grade PVC, vinyl sheet pilings are produced to meet certain design specifications.  They are usually driven or pushed into the ground using a vibratory hammer, back hoe, or jetting system.  Because of advances in technology, the spread of production knowledge, and many competitors vinyl sheet piling has become a commodity item.  That is, they are essentially all the same. 

***Listed prices are subject to change due to fluctuating market conditions related to COVID and/or other supply & demand changes. Please call us for the most current pricing.***

ALL vinyl sheet pilings we sell meet the minimum strength specifications for the wall sizes listed in our vinyl bulkhead price charts.

We sell the cheapest vinyl bulkheads because we maintain relationships with multiple vinyl sheet piling manufacturers and purchase opportunistically - keeping costs low so we can pass the savings to you.


Deadmen are treated wood posts or timbers buried behind (land side) your bulkhead to support the wall and prevent top failure in the case of particularly heavy loads due to rain or slopes. Deadmen are connected to the wall via the tie rods.  Deadmen are a part of every bulkhead system.

Tie Rods

Tie Rods are galvanized steel rods with threaded ends used to connect the deadmen to the wall to support the vinyl bulkhead and prevent top failure - especially in cases of heavier-than-normal load.

Front Wale

The front wale is the treated timber on the front (water side) of the vinyl bulkhead.  Together with the back board the front wale keeps the bulkhead straight, increases its strength, and connects it to the deadmen via the tie rods.

Back Board

The back board is the treated timber or lumber on the back side of the vinyl bulkhead.  Often buried below ground level, the back board connects to the front wale to keep the bulkhead straight while improving its overall strength properties.


We supply all the hardware you need to complete your bulkhead.  The hardware required for a vinyl bulkhead includes:

  • Screws
  • Lag Screws
  • Bolts or All Thread with Nuts & Washers
  • Nails (sometimes)

Top Cap (Optional but Recommended)

The top cap is usually made of 2"x12" or 2"x15" treated lumber.  While the top cap is mostly cosmetic it also adds structural strength to your vinyl bulkhead and provides a nice place to site by the water.

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