Wood Bulkheads

Effective and give your waterfront a natural look.

Wood bulkheads are the most inexpensive wall option from a first-cost perspective.

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Since a bulkhead usually has great horizontal force applied against it, it is important to meet certain structural requirements. Below is a list of the typical parts of a wood bulkhead.

Wood Bulkhead Materials

  • Pilings (Round or Square)
  • Wale
  • Center Match (special tongue and groove)
  • Filter Cloth (Geotextile)
  • Top Cap (optional)
  • Tie Rods
  • Deadmenardware
  • Hardware

Wood Bulkhead Design

The industry common wood bulkhead design can look like this:

From front to back you will have pilings first. The wales (horizontal boards) are then connected to the landside of the pilings which have the center match sheets nailed to them.

The filter cloth is there to provide a clean appearance -- it keeps the soil behind the bulkhead.

To keep the structure from falling over, tie rods support your bulkhead from behind.

Deadmen are treated posts (round or square) and are used to “tie back” the bulkhead and therefore provide support from behind.

While not required top caps can give your bulkhead a more finished look and also provide a little more structural integrity.

Which Treatment is Best?

The level of treatment your wood needs depends upon the kind of water you are building in. Typically you will need .60pcf retention level in fresh water and 2.5pcf in brackish or salt water.


Galvanized or steel hardware is recommended when building in or near water.

In most cases, you will only need the following hardware to build wooden bulkheads: Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws/Nails. Screws generally are better than nails but also more time-consuming.

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